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Applications Are Currently Closed

Thank you for your interest in the Lloyd Cowan Bursary. Applications are currently closed. Stay updated by visiting our website and following us on our social media platforms.

Guidance Notes

Lloyd Cowan Bursary is a charitable fund administered by a selection panel which awards grants of up to £500 to unfunded athletes to enable them to participate in athletics.

Athletes must be aged 16-23.

Applications are invited from licensed athletes eligible to represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for whom cost is a barrier to accessing developmental opportunities.

The application should demonstrate clearly the difference that the grant will make to the athlete’s physical education in athletics. For example, the grant could be used to fund additional training, transport, treatment costs for sports injury, and physiotherapy or go towards specialised kit. Please include in your application: 

  • A breakdown of how much you are requesting (we typically award grants of between £100 – £500)
  • Your current level of competition, your sporting experience to date and your ambitions in athletics
  • How the proposed funding would benefit you and help you achieve your goals
  • Any other funding you receive from other organisations.

The Lloyd Cowan Bursary awards grants once a year in the Autumn. Application opening and closing dates will be advertised on our online platforms.

Decisions will be made by the selection panel and communicated within four weeks of close of application. It is important that the applicant provides clear and concise information for consideration. All applicants will be notified of the outcome via the contact details submitted on the application form. Decisions are final, and there is no system of appeal.

We ask that successful applicants use the various social media platforms available to them to thank and promote the Lloyd Cowan Bursary.

Applications should be submitted electronically via the application form. Please ensure the application is clear and concise. 

Athlete Application

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Please read and prepare your answers for all questions offline, if necessary, to copy and paste later, as the system does not save progress.

Complete this application form if you are a registered and currently licensed athlete under the governing bodies of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England.

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Personal Information

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Athletics Information

Club, NGB, Event description, Coach details etc.
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At what level are you currently performing? e.g. local league, county. Please give an indication of how you are training for your sport and the type of competitions you are entering. Please demonstrate any progress and your successes and achievements in the last year
Name of Coach:
Name of person applying if the applicant is under 18.
Address if different to applicant’s:

Information About Your Application

What is the funding for? Please include the difference the grant will make. Give as much detail as possible.
If you need athletics clothing or shoes, please select from the options below. We have limited stock of new trainers and spikes, as well as access to some clothing. If your application is successful, we will request more details.
Please provide your UK shoe size above.
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Please specify other items not listed and size you require.
Are there any hardship factors, personal, family or financial, to be considered?
Do you receive any other financial assistance, e.g., from your club, charities, local authority or private sponsorship?


References: Please provide the names and contact details (including email addresses) of individuals who can support your application. We recommend selecting a coach, club committee member, or someone from your educational establishment.


The details I have given on this form are true and correct. I understand that my application may be cancelled or I will be required to refund the bursary if I give false or misleading information or withhold relevant information. Successful individuals would be required to be profiled in future articles or newsletters about their progress within their sport.